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Tool For Washertype Nuts.

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Some of the mouldings on StarChief and Bonneville have a stupid
washer type nut witch is hazard for the pin and a real trick to take off.

Sometimes the hood letters have the same type of washer nut.

The rear fender lower outer panel have those nuts and front roofrail mouldings.

On a 3/8  nut I weld on a thick washer and grind to two notches in it.
A socket of 3/8 is good corse the nuts on the other longer outer
panel mouldings and shields are also 3/8. 

It Is still i tricky business to get those stupid things of so my rekomendations
is not to use them again use shetmetall nuts.

Removing 58 Pontiac Radiator

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Removing The Radiator on the 58 Pontiac could be trouble due to all
inlets in the radiator and how al tubes and hooses are atached.

1: Hoses- 3 hoses are attached to radiator the 2 large ones for engine cooling
and 1 smaller for heater media attached to lower tank.
One of the big ones is also attached to lower tank, this could be tuff to take of
sometimes. Warm up the metal tube where the hoses are clamped on with a
warm heater gun the heat kind of move over to the hose then it is much easier
to remove them.

2: Tubes- 2 metal tubes are attached for transmission cooling in lower tank.
Those ones cold be real trouble. Its hard to get real clearance for the tools and
if tubes are rusty they could get stuck in the nut where they should rotate in and
twist of.

So the best trick is to loose the sway linkage and move it close to engine then
you got a good clearance for the tools. (hang it on the front bar of the frame)
Brush away dirt from tubes put some ww40 on tube for a couple of minutes.
If rusty warm it up a bit with the heat gun and put on the ww40.

From under the car put on the 3/4 wrench on the nut closest to cooler then
put on the 5/8 on the tube nut get a very good grip and make a fast steady
movement this to make it close to how an air hammer works.

Its also easier to work on the cooler taking of the upper shroud.

Att ta bort kylaren kan var trixigt då slangar och automatkylar rören kan sitta
fast. Värm upp rören där slangarna sitter så mjuknar slangarna och dom blir
lättare att ta av.
Värst kan vara metallrören till lådan. Om man lossar krängningshämmaren så
kan man lägga den på främre rambalken mot motorn då får man bättre plats att
komma åt. Ta 3/4 nyckeln och ta tag om muttern till röret närmast kylaren
ta 5/8 nyckeln och få ett bra grepp om muttern runt röret och knyck till.
Om man segdrar är det lätt att man skadar muttrarna.

Förbered med att ta lite WW40 eller annan  rostlösning på röret så att
hylsmuttern lätt kan snurra på röret. Om det är rostigt värm gärna upp röret
lite innan du tar på rostlösningen.

Det kan oxå vara lättare att jobba på kylaren om man tar av övre kylarramen.


58 Pontiac "Front Bumper Replcement"

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Taking of the bumper and take off and put on the grille is a tricky bussines,
for the 58 Pontiac.

Here is my way to do it, Step by step.

1. Losen both rubberstraps left and right side.
2. Losen both upper grille atahcements to horisental bar. 2x 3/8 sreews
3. Losen front bumper exenter bolts on frame 3/4 nuts. Lub DWD40.
4. Before take out bolts put some soft material or nice wood pices if bumper are in
good condition under it. ( here I put a empty plastic can under)

5. Take out exenter bolts and lower the bumper. If wheels are on car bumper will go
against the wheels and dont sving down al the way. (Like picture)
If car is a little bit raised and no wheels the bumper can hang down and its easy
to install and take of bumper. 

6. Now its easy to take of grille or mount it on bumper.

7. When bumper is hang down or you can have a board on a jack to adjust
height its time to take away the rear bolts. Those are little tricky course they
are ineside frame and need exact lengt of socket to remove nuts..

When bumper are in position as the picture above is also easy to remove or put
on hood bar extensions.

Time to put everything in pieces.

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