1958 Pontiac. The StarMan. Pontiac 1958

1958 PONTIAC. PONTIAC 1958. 58 Pontiac. pontiac 58. This gone become a big source of pontiac 1958 information and everything for the 58 Pontiac enthusiast. Start By Reading ABOUT THIS BLOGG

1958 PONTIAC from the old days


This 58 Pontiac was photographed in the early 60,s in my birth town here in Sweden.
So it might be that a saw this car and that sets my sickness of being a 58 nut. :-)
Its an StarChief 4dr ht or an Laurentian 4dr Ht, hard to tell. It leans to 60-40 for the
Canadian made. based on the curving on the Wheel covers.

1958 Aditional sales


Everey brand had aditional sale of smaler cars, Pontiac was no exeption.
Great Britain made Vauxhall vas sold by Pontiac.
It was a car in the GM familly since 1925 and it was kind of sprung out from the
German made Opel.

1958 Pontiac Old Postcard/ Picture

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Poscards and pictures from the past is always cool.