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Rear door Shields fixed.
Shields straited out and painted with silver metallic.
Goldpaint on emblems and some very tricky painting on the red color around
the pontiac letters.
Loufvers polished and put back.

58 pontiac Strange Items

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Here are a picture of two inserts on the 58 pontiac hornring.
Th cool part is that is a little differense in the Indian Head and
in the gold letters.
This tells me that there where at least 2 different supliers of plastic inserts
and that there was a little differense in the making thats was ok from the

58 Pontiac Opreation Tuch Up

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I had a car standing outside the dealerplace for som weeks this summer
and even if its not a nice looking car its fun coming home and see it.
So I gone give it a tuch up and have it parked outside the dealerplace
so now its in the shop to be striped.