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Orange Direction

Kategori: 58 STRANGE ITEMS

Tis is a rare pice of direction signal glases. Wonder if they was made for some
forign market or just a cool item as acustom part. I found them in US on a car.
And have a par of NOS ones.

1958 Pontiac: STRANGE ITEMS

Kategori: 58 STRANGE ITEMS

This two window cranks have the same part number on the backside
but are totaly diiferent in looks.
The LH one has a smoth knob while the other are the ones that sits in the cars.
Either its a wrong doing from the factory or an early prototype that went
thrue. I took it of a pontiac 58 on a junk yard many ears ago.

1958 pontiac. STRANGE ITEMS

Kategori: 58 STRANGE ITEMS

During the years I have found out a lot of items on the cars
that are kind of different and strange.
Her we have the horncenter emblem for the Deluxe Steering wheel.
As you see them beside each other you can see the difference
in the letters and the head.
My thinking about this is, that they had two different manufakturer.