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Testing Shocks

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From the testrange / Photoshop
A starChief test out the new coilsprings and shock absorbers.
And it also a picture taken at the photoshop there you can see
the car works nice on ruff roads.


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This year is a big year for me and my wife. And I have chosen
the fall for the cellebration as the both things happend at fall.
Its 35 year since i bought my first PONTIAC and 30 years since
we bought our first 58 PONTIAC. So from now and forward I gone
have one year of nostalgia and memories on facebook and my bloggs.
Picture showes the first 58 StarChief in rangoon red.
Car is no longer in our place.


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Some kids throwing stones in my front windshield
and now it was time to have it changed.
Its a big job taking away al the moldings arond the window
ineside and out.
Then i cut of the molding around the ineside to remove the
old glas. After that i fix the rust spots
Today you can mix car paint with an activator so you can use a small brush
to paint it on. Its better than hardner course you can have it in a small can
and use it later. Its not 100% like a hardener mixed color.
Its the activator they use when the make spraycan of you car paint.
I found one strange thing on the car.
This is how its supose to look like on the door post. Two small holes.
One for the long lower molding and one for the triangular piece.
On the left side one hole is missing, hmmmm
Worker dident want it to be there or...?
The strange thing is that the molding dident go so far back on this
side as it does on the other side so i vonder if the holes might be
drilled after the molding and window is installed.
Well here it is, a new window installed. its amazing how nice it is to look out.
It was a bit cold driving to the glas man without a windshield.