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IDENTIFY 1958 PONTIAC: Style number

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Are located on the Firewall on the left side of car next to brakecylinder.
(Id plattan sitter på torpedväggen vid huvudbromcylindern)

STYLE      = Type of car (typ av bil)
BODY NO  = Number of body (karossnummer)
TRIM        = Interior and upholstery (typ av färg o inredning)
PAINT      = Body Color (färg på bilen utvändigt)
ACC          = Accessories newer to be correct (tillbehör monterade på bilen stämmer sällan)


CATALINA  = Hardtop Style  ( HT tak)
SEDAN       = Post type or 4door ( stolpe eller 4dr)

D     = Deluxe
SD   = Super Deluxe

Exempel catalina sedan = 4dr hardTop, catalina Coupe = 2drHt

IDENTIFY 1958 PONTIAC: Chassi nr

Kategori: 58 VIN & BODYPLATE, 58 Various Facts


There was 3 different size of bodies for 1958 thats why 3 different Series.
(SWE det var 3 olika storlekar på karosserna 58 därav 3 serier)

Series 25: The Bonnevilles and ChiefTain Convertible had the total length of 211.7" (5,38m)
122" (3.10m) wheelbase

Series 27: The ChiefTains and StarChief Safari, had the total length of 210.5" (5.35m)
122" (3.10m) Wheelbase

Series 28: StarCheif and SuperChief, had the total length of 215.5" (5,48m)
124" (3,15m) Wheelbase

Notes SWE
ChiefTain Conv och Bonneville Conv har samma kaross.
StarChief safari  och ChiefTains safari har samma kaross.