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Advertisment: Pontiac 58 StarChief Safari

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Her is one of the gorgeous Adds launched for the 58 Pontiac,s


Picture at Fairgrounds in Texas


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WANTED.   For PONTIAC 1958, 1958 Pontiac, Revision 5/3 2012

1 Set Power Windows for 2dr Ht.
1 Outside Spotlamp. 
2 Rubber drainings at front windshield.
2 Rubber Drainings at rear window.
1 Pair Rear speakers.
3 Power antennas.
1 Rear POSI 58 UNIT

All kind of Dealer Items used at dealerplaces or other promotion items.

Lars Elofsson Answer by make coment (kommentar)

1958 PONTIAC Rocker Panel Mysteri

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Today I was crawling under the 58 Star Chief and Realize her was something that
wasent the same from car to car.
The rocker panels on this car has a pressed pleats in the bottom about 20" from
the end and in that area there are 2 square openings on each side of the car
and In 2 of the openings there was some sheet metal nozzles and from the other
holes they probably had fell off.

Its when I check my other cars to see if I can Find more of those nozzles I found
out that there is two different kind of Rocker Panels some cars just have slots in the
bottom al the way to drain water.

I manage to find 2 nozzles, and on one there was even a thin rubber membrane
which probably had been on the car I work on but has gone.(sav traces)
Butt on one car there probably hasn’t been any.(Cut away during time)

Here are the nozzels and the small membrane.

Those small sheet metal nozzels probably fell of in tuff climate very
fast in tuffer climate.

So There was 2 kind of Rocker panel produced so now i gone see if ihas something
to do with Plants or change during the year.


Idag när jag kröp under bilen såg jag att tröskellådorna på den här bilen har
ett pressad veck i botten ca 40 cm från slutet och i området finns 2 fyrkantiga
öppningar varje sida av bilen och i 2 av de öppningarna fanns ett plåt
munstycken dom andra två hade ramlat bort.

Jag kollade mina andra bilar för att se om jag kan hitta fler av dessa munstycken 
och då såg jag att det finns två olika typer av Tröskel-lådor vissa bilar har bara
typ "loufvers" i botten hela vägen.

Jag lyckas hitta 2 munstycken och ett det fanns även ett tunt gummimembran
som förmodligen hade varit bilen jag jobbar men har försvunnit.
Men bak en av munstyckena fanns inte spår av något så här har man säkert tagit
bort det.