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Cool ?

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Today the polarbears jump in if you got the heater on.
Dam its cold outside.

StarMan Pontiac: Dealer Item Nr 59

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Dealer Item Nr 59 is something that we dont want to use today
on our 58 PONTIACS.
But on StarMan PONTIAC its coming handy cleaning the 58 starChief
that is standing outside for display.
The StarMan dealer clean the window on the 58 real fine with the scrapers,
and say the quality is quite good.
StarMan PONTIAC that is a dealer that kind of like the Indians move around
dont have a specifik place and at this time he borrowed the Srapers from a
Dealer Friend in Pennsylvania.

Veeery Gooood Looking

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Sometimes a picture say moore then a thousend words.
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm so veeery good
looking girls.