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Old Dealers

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This picture show a row of PONTIAC 58 at PATISON Pontiac.
Having that many might be a retail seller or he just order a bunch
for show.
Anybody out there who know if the dealers had to pay up front or get a kredit?

1958 pontiac part wanted

Kategori: 58 Dealer Promo

This was one of the cool give away items for kids.
A misile dart blower. Anybody have any leads where I can find one to my dealerplace
will be a liftetime member and the StarMan museum.

1958 Pontiac Advertising

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Here comes some more of the 58 pontiac advertisings from the magazines.
Anybode who now if this monorail was built and operative at the Texas fair.?
I wonder what happend to that speedboat?
Those statues are still at the side of the dam. Is it Boulder or Hoower dam?