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1958 Pontiac Hubcaps

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 Q & A : HubCaps

Whats the differense between 57-58 Hubcaps and how are they fit
to wheel.


See picture below, 57 Hubcap are sitting in Wheel and 58 are standing below.
Caps are sitting with 3 clips that are mounted in slots in wheel.

see picture of clips.

58 pontiac hubcap are standing on floor.


POCI Convention 2008 Part 2

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Low Millage 58 Bonneville.

Facts: Rear Door Moldings

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When searching for Rear Door Outer Panel Mouldings for
all 4dr Models its easy to believe they are all the same.

But there is a difference between the Safari and the other 4dr models.

The Safari Moulding is almost 1" (20mm) longer than 4dr mouldings from The Other US built
Cars. (not sure about Canadians)

SAFARI 4721594-95-98-99
StarChief, SuperChief, ChiefTain 4721592-93-96-97

Even if the lover on one side fits the top on the other side be a where that the slots for
water drain end up in top if you do that (this goes for a lot of outer pan mouldings)

here you can se difference.

Safari moulding on top.

Feel free to coment or ask moore ?


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