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1958 Pontiac StarChief restoration

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This weekend it was close to 60 degrees so i could stand outside
sandblastering doors and trunk lid.
I also put on some epoxy ground on the reaer fenders.
And where I changed the floor panel on the drivers side you cant se anymoore.

1958 PONTIAC StarChief Restoration Progress

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Well i had staretd to put the groundcoat under the car.
I managed to mix a color that matches the original red/brown color
that are the color on the bottom of the 58 pontiacs.
I am curious on al the extra nuts that are welded in certin places not for use.
I know the convertible had a few extra brakets but not that many.


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A problem is to se how the cars are under the floor.
Repainted, Changed Items etc. etc
This car is tremendeous nice under so I think I gone do a frame on restoration.
I gone see how that works out course I save space and dont need any
heavy movings or lifts.
Beside that the cars sits so nice on tghe original brackets.
An todays over restored cars are way to nice compered how they look
Just check out al overspray with paint, silencematerial, gluegun spill etc.
On a restored car you don see al that.
My shop is done in they way that I could lift the body right up and just roll
out the frame but unfortenly there is another car sitting in that space. :-)
Original color on the third member. Just washed of with spirits. Rest of axel was
Original 1958 Rear Chock absorbers, Painted Black.
Original Color under the car. Saved under the gastank.
And I gone save this spot as a litle cool place just as it is.
Picture with a flash
Al rear spring parts was there and I just put a wrench on the bolt and loose
it without any fluid.
Under the silence material in the wheel barels  there is the same ground
coat as on the car. This car has oxblood /brown  groundcoat.