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Projekt "Dueville" 10

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The 1958 Pontiac StarChief projekt is on going.
This weekend i changed places on the car so it now is moved to a position
closer to the doors so i can have the open when i start sand of the old
paint and sandblaster under the car.
Now the Engine gone come of and some body work gone start.

1958 PONTIAC Super Chief Dealer Plates

Kategori: 58 Dealer Promo

When The car was standing in the Dealerplace the dealer colud order
some nice Cardbore plates to put on the car.
This plates had been on a SuperChief 4dr Ht.

I am interested of buying moore modells.

1958 PONTIAC Memory Seat


One of the Rarest Acsessories on the 58 Pontiacs is the Powered memory seat.

1958 Memo Matic Power seat or 1958 Memory Seat

It showed up little later in the year course everything wasn’t clear with it
when the cars was announced in late 57.

Its an cool item generally the power seat works as an normal power seat,
when you turn the Memory Switch To on the memory unit starts to work.

Turn ignition to on, seat moves to its position where it was left and turn
ignition to off seat should move back to comfort in and out moving.
This function was on 4dr Cars.

When leaving rear seat in a two door car you have to fold the seat forward
and the hole seat move forward.
And when you fold back seat back the whole seat move back.

The seat ways a ton and its filled underneath with stuff.

Motor an memory unit.

Memory reley and some other items.

I still have a problem getting the memory section to work so I gone build a copy
of the car electric system and troble shout outside car.