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StarMan Dealer Place

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The Showroom at StarMan Dealerplace.
A 1958 Pontiac StarChief with Air Ride at its lowest position in rear and raised in front,
and the flag in the background tells that it called Ever Level Air Ride.

Rare Newspaper Add: 1958 StarChief

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From a newspaper in 1957 I found this add.

It show a Pontiac 1958 StarChief 2dr hard Top
The words BOLD NEW PONTIAC is the word for 58.

A Super Cool Center

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One of the coolest parts on the 58 pontiacs are this item that is very rare.

As the most of al 58,s today have the Deluxe Steering wheel this Centercap
is very rare. This is The Hornring from a standard steering wheel at the ChiefTain

Note the deltaving ornament that reminds of a customized fender ornament
but also a very similar look of the 55-56 hood ornament.

And it,s on way to the stars