1958 Pontiac. The StarMan. Pontiac 1958

1958 PONTIAC. PONTIAC 1958. 58 Pontiac. pontiac 58. This gone become a big source of pontiac 1958 information and everything for the 58 Pontiac enthusiast. Start By Reading ABOUT THIS BLOGG

A Cruise With The StarMan

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This picture show starMan out on a 1958 pontiac Cruise, The cool part on this
picture is when I turn it over to black and wite, then it looks like a real 1958 pic.

Härliga bilder som faktist ger en känsla av vara tillbaka på 50-talet.

Black and Wite.

58 StarChief & Bonneville

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This newspaperad show the 1958 Pontiac  StarChief and
The 1958 Pontiac Bonneville

1958 Pontiac ChiefTain Convertible

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Another cool advertising from the 58.

This One show the 1958 Pontiac ChiefTain Covertible.
A rocket would be a nice item aside this car wit rocketshape sides.

Den här bilden visar en en bil med raketinspirerad design bredvid en annan raket
och det käns som båda skulle kunna flyga till andra planeter.