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Pontiac 58 Rare Gas Items

Kategori: 58 STRANGE ITEMS

This two Items are very rare Pontiac 58 Items.
The first show a gas door guard wich I havent found out yet
where they could buy it.
Its a stainless molding arond the edge, its moore comon on Safaris then on
the other cars.
This Item is a sheet metal piece that covers the gas filler tube in to the gas
tank, its bolted to the left backside of the inner rear fender.
And it has a small pressed bulb where the gastube is.
Some kind of gravel protection

1958 Pontiac Advertising

Kategori: Allmänt

A cooll add from a newspaper magazine.

Winter Projekt 1958 Pontiac StarChief

Kategori: 1 The StarMan CARS

Time to start upp the winterprojekt, Now I pushed in the
StarChief in the shop again for spending the summer under a canvas.