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There was 3 different size of bodies for 1958 thats why 3 different Series.
(SWE det var 3 olika storlekar på karosserna 58 därav 3 serier)

Series 25: The Bonnevilles and ChiefTain Convertible had the total length of 211.7" (5,38m)
122" (3.10m) wheelbase

Series 27: The ChiefTains and StarChief Safari, had the total length of 210.5" (5.35m)
122" (3.10m) Wheelbase

Series 28: StarCheif and SuperChief, had the total length of 215.5" (5,48m)
124" (3,15m) Wheelbase

Notes SWE
ChiefTain Conv och Bonneville Conv har samma kaross.
StarChief safari  och ChiefTains safari har samma kaross.

1958 Wheelcovers moving on rims

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A&Q " Why Are Whelcovers Moving On Rims

Sometimes the wheelcovers moves on the rim when driving with radial Tires
and have a tendens to fell of.
When driving slowly you can almost here it. And sometimes the air valve is
either stopping or disapear under the cover depending on lengt of the valve.

Ibland kan navkapslarna röra sig på fälgen och har en tendes att ramla av.
när man kör sakta kan man höra ljudet av kapseln som rör sig.
Ibland stoppar ventilen rörelsen eller om man har en kort ventil så hamnar den
under kapseln.

here you can see the Air valve has disapered. Left side of car.

You can also see how the wheelcover has started to come loose.

Other side of car a bit bigger valve and no losnes, but that,s not the only

I think I find a reason for the 58 wheelcovers why some moves more then others.

There are 2 diffrenet whelcovers for th US made 58 pontiacs.

On the left you see a cover  with less hooks that grips the rim and to the right
the one with moore hooks that sits better.
The left one is the one that almost fell of the car and the right one is not show any
thing like that.

Det finns en skillnad på navkapslarna till dom USA tillverkade pontiac 58orna.
den till vänster har betydligt mindre hakar än den andra till höger och den till vänster
är den som satt på vänster framhjul vilken nästan ramlade av.

This show that there are 2 different makers of wheelcover and there is a bit diff in grip.
And I had cars that never have moved a milimeter.
The wheelcover with the most hooks are the ones that are most frekvent.