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Mechanicle Tips 1: Removing light switch

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Dont take of the harness with the contact yet. It could be fragile due to age and heat.
1. Start by pulling out the knobb to the end position.

2. Now press in the little spring knob on the side to the bottom. and hold it there.
3. Now you can pull out the knob and rod.

4. Now use a flat tool that fit in the little plastic nut and unscrew the palstic nut. Use as big tool as possible course that plastic nut could be tight and its kind of soft plastic. Unscrew to Lh.

5. now the cromed washer came of and you can pull to switch back an it is hanging in the
harenss with conector.
6. take a small screwdriver that fits beetwen the flat conector and move the plastic up
from the flat pins by moving the screwdriver from side to side beetween th pins.
The plastic connector could be very hard to remove so be carefull.

Putting it back, do the same work backwords and make sure the little flat pin over the thread hole
where the plastic nut is to be seated is fitted in the slotthole in the dash, so it is lined upp correctly.
You dont have to press the little spring knobb when putting back the rodd.
Add a little grease to it and just slid it in to the bottom.
Taking the switch appart is another lesson and that is tricky to, course ther is a lttle spring
that shoots away if you aren´t carefull.