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1958 PONTIAC StarChief (Rev 3)

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Here comes the file with Facts On the 1958 StarChief models. Uuppdates frekvently.


The 1958 StarChief models was a totally new design from 57 and lasted only this year.
Opposite what others say I hold the StarChief models as The Top of the line car in 58.
The Bonneville was still the sporty look and took the step up in 1959.
The StarChief 58 is the longest, biggest and most luxury of the 58 Pontiac line-up.

The StarChief lost the Convertible and the 2dr Safari from 57 to 58 course it had been
to close to the Bonneville and 4dr Ht Safari was only a Prototype.

1958 StarChief 2dr Ht

1958 Pontiac StarChief 4dr Ht

1958 Pontiac 4Dr Sd

NOTES: GAE Golden Aniversary Editition
The Golden Jubilee Car was pulled out of the Volym of the 4Dr sedans.
All Jubille Cars was 4dr sedans. A specific Jubile facts will be done on this Blogg later.

1958 Pontiac StarChief Custom Safari.

NOTES: The starchief Safari Was sold as a STYLE 2793D but on an 100 dollar option
you get a STYLE SD - Super Deluxe. Se production figurs as abow. A Specific facts
on the two styles gone show up here soon. Untill Then Check out link

Misc Facts:

Haedlight Bezel Fits Lh & Rh, Same on Bonneville and superChief
ID nr 5948845. Sometimes the big numbers 1 or 2 that are located on the back
is mistaken for diff sides but this is just number of the castmold. (gjutformsnummer)

Taillight Bezel Dif Lh & Rh (exept Safari) same on SuperChief & ChiefTain (ex Conv & Saf)

Safari Taillight Bezel fits Lh & Rh same on ChiefTain safari.

Grille Two Piece Diecast, Same as Bonneville.

windshield same as all other (ex Bonnveille and ChiefTain Conv)