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1958 SuperChief Misc facts

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Here comes some miscellaneous facts for the SuperChief.

All SuperChief,s has The same headlight Bezels (lampsargar) as StarChief And Bonnevilles.
Its the same bezels on LH and RH side.

ID nr 5948845. Sometimes the big numbers 1 or 2 that are located on the back
is mistaken for diff sides but this is just number of the castmold. (gjutformsnummer)

The Grille is Aluminium, same as ChiefTain and its easy to spot compared to the
heavier two piece Die Cast (Zink) Grille.

Rear end Side trim its easy to mistake as a ChiefTain, The Super has its name
in the beginning of the rocket as The ChiefTain but from end of wheel opening
and back there is a 5" (130mm) difference.

Upper and lower mouldings are that longer on the SuperChief and you can also see
that the Super has 4 star ornaments.

SuperChief and StarChief Shared bodies. (superChief och starChief delade kaross)

The SuperChief and ChiefTain share the Roof with no extra trim as the StarChief

Tail light Bezels Are the same on ChiefTain, StarChief (not Safari), and SuperChief
and its different from RH and LH.

Baklampsargar är samma på ChefTain, StarChief och SuperChief och det är skillnad
HÖ / VÄ.

ID NR: RH5948914 LH 5948913

Tail Light Lences are the same on ChiefTain and SuperChief without the chrome trim.
GUIDE NR 5948910

In Sweden we must have additional reflectors, witch I have put inside a lamp for test
and It went Ok so I gone change the nut to a better one.
Much better looking then glue them on the bumper.