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The fantastik Gold emblem in the grille is something that puzzels me
thrue the years.  Its something wich somebody that only has one car or never take
that of thinks about.
The grille Emblem looks like the emblem that sits on the side trim on the rear door
or fender of the StarChief Models. But its not the same.
Here are 4 emblems that almost look like they are the same, and here you can
see that they use different kind of clips to hold them on place.
If I turn them over ......
You can see here that there is 2 kind og grille emblems. All made of cast aluminum
one to the left is very thin and the same cast type as the side trim for the starchief.
The other 3 is thicker and differnt made. All 3 to the right came from different molds
and those has the number ingraved, 528599.
The mold far to the right are broken and you can se the V are filled vith material.
Those 2 types are made out from two different plants. And I am not sure where they
was located. Anybody with tips are most welcome to give me a hint.
What is very strange also is that the gold color sits a lot better on the thicker ones
then the light version that was very fast faded. Those you see here come from
grilles that been on cars for a long time exept the one far right that came of a low
mile Bonneville.
Why arent they the same as the starchief side emblems?
The Grille emblems have 3 notces on every side to fit on to the diecast
Grille and they ar not curved as they have to be to fit on the shield.
If you go racing you need the lighter one if you wana show the colors
but need be loosen weight. :-)
I havent found out if cars from sertin plants have a certin emblem course
I forgott to think about it when i took cars appart.