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1958 Pontiac: Chassi nr

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There was 3 different size of bodies for 1958 thats why 3 different Series.
(SWE det var 3 olika storlekar på karosserna 58 därav 3 serier)

Series 25: The Bonnevilles and ChiefTain Convertible had the total length of 211.7" (5,38m)
122" (3.10m) wheelbase

Series 27: The ChiefTains and StarChief Safari, had the total length of 210.5" (5.35m)
122" (3.10m) Wheelbase

Series 28: StarCheif and SuperChief, had the total length of 215.5" (5,48m)
124" (3,15m) Wheelbase

Notes SWE
ChiefTain Conv och Bonneville Conv har samma kaross.
StarChief safari  och ChiefTains safari har samma kaross.