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1958 PONTIAC Bonneville Facts (Rev 2)

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1958 Bonneville facts. Uppdates frekvently

1958 Bonneville

This is the first Production year for the Bonneville series.
Bunkie Knudsen did some drastik moves to sell a yuong mans car to older people
instead of selling an old car to yong people.
They used 630 StarChief Convertibles in 1957 and dressed them up as Bonneville and the era of sportscars and high performance was born.
In 58 this Bonneville was still done with a sportier look and had a smaller wheelbase
then the bigger StarChief and Superchief.
And it was first at 1959 it became the biggest and get the top of line status in my
1958 Bonneville is a real looker with its 1" lower roofline then all the other modells
and that makes it real slick.




Grille is diecast 2 piece same as StarChief.

Headligh Bezels fits LH and RH. Same on StarCheif and Super Chief.
ID nr 5948845. Sometimes the big numbers 1 or 2 that are located on the back
is mistaken for diff sides but this is just number of the castmold. ( SWE -gjutformsnummer)

Tail light Bez diff LH and RH, Same on ChiefTain Conv

Front Window  same as ChiefTain Conv and Impala