1958 Pontiac. The StarMan. Pontiac 1958

1958 PONTIAC. PONTIAC 1958. 58 Pontiac. pontiac 58. This gone become a big source of pontiac 1958 information and everything for the 58 Pontiac enthusiast. Start By Reading ABOUT THIS BLOGG


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This is another item you could order for your dealership and hand
out to customers. As usaly I look for 58 Dealer items for my 58
Pontiac Museum.

Pontiac Dealers 1958

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This is one veeery cool picture from George Pattison PONTIAC Dealer.
Looks like a huge amount of Retail sale 58 Pontiacs.
The first car you see is a Green ChiefTain 4dr Sedan


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One of my absolute favorite Pictures is this showroom Picture
från BOOMERSHINE Atlanta.
How many models can you spot and look at the totempole
and al the other cool items.