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1958 PONTIAC. PONTIAC 1958. 58 Pontiac. pontiac 58. This gone become a big source of pontiac 1958 information and everything for the 58 Pontiac enthusiast. Start By Reading ABOUT THIS BLOGG

The GM family GMC Truck Fleetline

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One other weichle that is made by GM is the GMC truck.
Often powerplanted with a Pontiac engine.
Here is the 58 Fleetline witch is my favorite.

In the back grond you can se a 58 pontiac. A 4dr sedan ChiefTain or SuperChief.

1958 Pontiac Advertising

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Here is a bunch of proposed advertisings that you could chose from.
You probably just chose one or a couple and send in your material
to the advertising company then they fix it with the newspaper.

1958 Pontiac Advertising.

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Very cool advertising from 1958.