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1958 PONTIAC StarMan Pontiac

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This Sunday I finaly had chance to organize my dealer Place a Little.
I put uot some of the cars in front just for the show.

Vacation is over

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Well vacation is over and its time to go in to regular days again.
Spent some time crusin with our 58 starChief and its always cool crusing along
the coastline.

Beside all this my last week of my vacation darkened when a long time friend  Bob Peterson in the states passed away.
He was a well know 58 Bonneville owner and was also working at many POCI conventions as a points Judge in the 58 area. We had know each other for over 30 years and met several times true the years.I am glad I was able to meet him last year when I was visiting him and his lovely wife.So till we met again in our next life rest in Piece Bob.

Her we sit and talk about some 58,s in my showroom.

1958 Showroom back on track

Kategori: 1 The StarMan DEALER

For over a year I had my 1958 PONTIAC  showroom as a furnture
storage, byt the last week i relay cleaned it out and organise it with
some new furniture and put half my totem up on the wall.
I here put up some pics on how it looked before my work and then
some picture after I was done.